Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates for Core Pilates: can change a life!

This is how it works:

(This is how the Certificate looks like)

As soon as the recipient registers or logges in, he / she will be notified about the certificate and can simply activate it.

It is always possible to activate it later manually. The certificate must be activated within one year after purchase.

1 Credit
1 month valid
10 Credits
10 Mon. gültig
10% Rabatt
20 Credits
20 Mon. gültig
20% Rabatt
40 Credits
40 Mon. gültig
40% Rabatt
80 Credits
80 Mon. gültig
80% Rabatt
Exchange Rate:
Gruppenkurs = 1 Credit
Trio '30 = 1 Credit
Trio = 2 Credits
Solo = 4 Credits
Master-Solo = 5 Credits

All prices per person including VAT (MwSt.) 19%
TN = max. participants
Payment methods: bank collection, bank transfer or cash (on agreement; please bring the correct change)

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