Workshop with Mikko Utecht / Helsinki: Peak Pilates® PostPartum & Posterior Power / 6.10. & 7.10.2018

Peak Pilates® certified CEC-Workshops with Physical Therapist and Peak Pilates® Master Instructor MIKKO UTECHT from Finnland.

The workshop will be conducted in English and is split in two days:

Saturday, 6.10. 13:00 - 17:00: PostPartum

Sunday, 7.10. 9:00 - 13:00: Posterior Power

Post Partum:

A deeper look on with a client after they have given birth. In this interactive workshop you will learn how pelvic floor and the abdominal wall change after giving birts. You will learn what the government guidelines are for exercising after pregnancy. As a teacher you will learn how to create a fundamentals and building block matwork for a post partum client.

Posterior Power:

A deeper looks on how to cue to the overlooked section of the posterior body landmarks. In this interactive workshop you will learn and feel where movement should actually initiate and/or release from. As a teacher you will learn how to cue and teach your students how to properly access the posterior body.

About Mikko Utecht:

Mikko has worked in the Fitness Industry since 2000 and with the Pilates method for over ten years. He is a classically and contemporary trained Teacher and also a Physical Therapist. He owns and operates two Pilates and Physical Therapy private practices in Helsinki. He is also part of the Peak Pilates Teacher Trainer and Mentor team in Europe and mentors Pilates Teachers globally. Having certifications from both contemporary and classical schools combined with Physical Therapy allows him to read the body more accurately to make the proper corrections. He loves the fact that each body is different and requires a different approach. That is why the Pilates Method works!